Top 7 Market Analysis Steps | Finacle Software Implementation

Top 7 Market Analysis Steps | Finacle Software Implementation

There are different fields which demand for market research with the help of experienced business advisor. However, there are a few important Market Analysis Steps to execute the process of market research. If these steps are followed you can be creative in adapting the business needs.

This blog post will help to understand the different process involve in the market research to make it a success.

7 Important Market Analysis Steps

Step 1: Formulating the Market Analysis Problems:

A research starts when the management faces any issues. Every management problems need to be translated to a research problem. Then the researcher examines the experience and the expectation of different groups.

After examination, the analysts determine whether the problem is due to poor expectation or for poor performance. The researchers focus on providing information required to solve the management issues.

Step 2: Process of Inquiry:

Typically, the scientific method is the standard method of research. This method includes- formulation of a problem, developing a hypothesis, making predictions based on hypothesis, devising a test for the hypothesis, conducting the test and analyzing the outcome.

market analysis framework

Step 3: Analysis Method:

There are usually two primary methods that can be utilized to answer any research questions. These are experimental and non-experimental research. 

The former gives you the benefit of regulating peripheral variables and manipulating several other variables that impact the process being executed. While the latter, allow observation rather than an intrusion.

Step 4: Data Collecting Technique:

The important methods of collecting data are observation and interviews. Observing a consumer or a company’s behaviour can help the researcher predicts the future purchasing trend.

On the contrary, the common code of research is an interview which can be taken either face-to-face, through telephone, email or over the internet. This research technique is popularly known as survey research.

Step 5: analysis and interpretation:

The effectiveness of any analytical technique depends on the type of information collected. It also depends on the type of measurement used. Therefore, every researcher interprets or start analysis post collecting all information required for the research.

Step 6: the market research report:

The report should include detailed information along with the course of action. Moreover, the report should be written in such a language that is easily understood. There should be a proper balance between brevity and completeness.

market analysis definition

Step 7 : Utilize Finacle

Finacleis a revolutionary product designed by Infosys. It was created to cater to core banking, online banking, wealth management and other CRM necessities of corporate, retail, and universal banks. According to financial resources, Finacle is one of the major performers in the field of core banking in all of Asia. 

Features of Finacle

  • This software is designed on an entirely web-based prototype.
  • Finacle is multi-lingual, it is CRM enabled and it supports all types of currencies in the world.
  • This platform can be accessed and operated 24/7
  • It is formatted on an open system and is extremely parametrizable.
  • It has a multi-utility tool kit and a delivery channel which supports multiple deliveries.
  • It helps in the events-alerts to be delivered directly to the customers via their preferred channel.
  • Finacle is one of the most scalable cores banking solution in the whole world, it has the capacity to perform forty million transactions each hour.
  • It helps in providing an integrated and holistic approach to the transactions taking place within the bank.
  • It provides wide-ranging retail, corporate and universal banking solutions.
  • It guarantees an overall safe and reliable environment for transactions.
  • Finacle by Infosys has brought about a new revolution in the core banking solutions throughout the world. For details refer finance guide.


Research in any field needs a well organized process. If you are in search of a market research agency, you can contact the best market research company with good reputation.

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