Top 4 Ways of Saving Electricity

Top 4 Ways of Saving Electricity

Electricity prices at their highest level, thanks to the latest announcement from EDF energy.  Check out Top 4 ways of saving Electricity. It released details of the price hikes it plans to implement in March 2018, it’s more important than ever. It ensures that householders keep their own electricity costs down by implementing any energy-saving ideas they can.

Ways to reduce electricity consumption

The first and easiest way is to swap your traditional light bulbs for energy-saving ones where at all possible. It is necessary to use effective products to live on save money. If you have complicated light fittings that use three or more light bulbs, it may well be worth considering switching to a simpler affair, which will take just one energy-saving bulb.

  1. Check your Electricity Suppliers
  2. Energy Efficient Bulbs vs Regular
  3. Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances
  4. Household Appliances Electricity Usage
ways to reduce electricity bill at home

1. Check your Electricity suppliers

One of the first things to look at is switching your supplier. Now that all the big six electricity companies have announced their price hikes – many of them, including Scottish Power and British Gas, upped their gas and electricity prices in December 2010, so bills should remain relatively stable for the time being.

But there are other ways in which each household can keep down their own electricity prices.

2. Energy Efficient Bulbs vs Regular

The initial costs may seem more – around 25p for an average bulb compared with £1.50 for the energy-saving type. But they are often on special offer, so stock up when there are.

As the energy-saving bulb will last up to 12 times as long as a traditional bulb, total outlay could be as much as £3 for the equivalent in traditional bulbs. Plus, it is estimated that using energy-saving light bulbs could save up to £9 on the average electricity bill.

3. Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances

Another way to cut down on electricity prices is to consider the kinds of household appliances chosen for the home.

For instance, it is possible to buy second-hand fridge freezers for around £100 but a new energy saving model will cost around £300. However, the newer version will use up to a third of the electricity of the older item – which could work out at around £45 a year less.

4. Household Appliances Electricity Usage

Dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines can also be used to cut electricity prices – drop the temperature of a wash from 60 degrees to 40 degree and it will use a third less electricity and remember to use the appliance only for a full load.

ways to save electricity


And finally, here’s an easy way to keep the electricity prices paid by your household down – don’t leave appliances on standby.

Everybody does it, using the remote to leave the TV on standby, leaving DVD players on… even a microwave left on standby for two weeks will use the same amount of energy as having a shower!

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