The Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance Scandal: How It All Began

The Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance Scandal: An Account Of How It All Began

The complete Mis sold payment protection insurance scandal shock continues to be common and focused media statements across the country. So it can be somewhat bit perplexing to grasp where everything originated. It is surprising and how the process of reclaiming ppi even came to exist.

The mis sold payment protection disgrace has unfolded during the period of many years. It revealed along with research after investigation, and appeal after appeal. It can be mind-blowing to understand the beginning.

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How Payment Protection Insurance or PPI scandal began

It really begun long ago in 1998. If the notion of ppi and it is value-for-money was questioned in Which? magazine. Many difficulties with the PPI market were outlined over time by newspapers and the Citizens Advice but nothing really found being.

It wasn’t right up until 2005. The ppi industry was put at the forefront of news because the Financial Services Authority took upon itself to regulate. They Authority regulated the sale of general insurance and indicated that reviewing the market is its sole concern loan consumers

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What happened to the payment protection insurance Scandal

By 2006 its report recognised the poor selling practitioners and small firms. They both together with major PPI providers were penalized for mis-selling and not treating customers reasonably. Some companies joined enforcement care for PPI failings.

Through the years more providers were fined and more research was published. The reports showing how many people were eligible to make ppi claims simply because they were mis-sold the policy. It wasn’t until 2008 that the FSA started to look into how the firms were dealing with the PPI complaints and then restricted the sale of single-premium PPI.


Most of the banks visited the High Court with the FSA against its new guidelines on the selling of PPI but they also missing the judicial assess and the British Bankers’ Association didn’t appeal the verdict.

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