How Foreign Currency Exchange is Processed?

How Foreign Currency Exchange is Processed?

Foreign currency exchange is a complicated matter. People without experience can not handle the task successfully.

Several financial institutions as well as banks globally are involved in this process. If you want to know about currency exchange in detail going through this article will help you.

Retail Foreign Exchange

When individuals need to exchange currency they do that at legal foreign exchange counters or at banks. They may also turn to well known international tourist centers or exchange counters at the international airports.

Financial Markets play a vital role for currency exchange rate variations. When individuals go for currency exchange, they pay cash and receive foreign currency by cash at the bank or exchange counter according to the exchange rate of the particular date. 

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Business Foreign Exchange

Businesses globally need to exchange million-dollar on a regular basis. Businesses process foreign currency transaction through banks and financial institutions each day. Funds are usually transferred electronically. The other fund transaction options include demand draft and check.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are fixed by government bodies, banks as well as private financial institutions that are involved into this trade.

The exchange rates are determined by several factors such as demand, supply and other economic factors. Exchange rates keep on changing on a daily basis but rates vary by very small amount.


In every country there are designated settlement agents who handle the trade of foreign exchange for business and retail customers. They consolidate all the transactions as well as process currency exchange.

Settlement Processing

The processing involves transferring funds electronically between the designated settlement agents. For instance, in the U.S. the Federal Reserve’s Fedwire and German Central Bank’s EAF system handle electronic settlements.

In other countries as well, transactions are completed with the help of designated settlement agents.

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The designated settlement agents can exchange the outstanding balances from sell and buy transactions.

For instance, Fedwire can send dollars to EAF and receive Euros in exchange according to the particular exchange rate of the day. Using currency converter  can help them to calculate the exact exchange amount.

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