Credit Cards the Magic of Plastic Money

Credit Cards the Magic of Plastic Money

A credit card is the new age magical wand which is the key to all your financial resources. A credit card is hugely beneficial, and they are very user-friendly. Certain Advantage of Credit Cards gives way more comfort during emergency times. They work straightforwardly, and even a kid can use it.

When you purchase something with your credit card, the expense is sent to the bank which has issued you this card, it is then upon the bank to approve the transaction and once they accept it the details are posted to you via email or are available on their web site which you can quickly repay according to your convenience.

Cost of a Credit Card

A credit card service will come to you for free if you are in the habit of paying your balances at the end of each month. The interest rate on a credit card is comparatively high, and this is the reason why the card companies make money from the people who don’t pay their balance.

Advantages of a Credit Card

  • Free track record of your expenses
  • Numerous reward points
  • Insurance if you lose your purchase or if it is stolen
  • On booking air travel you get a life insurance benefit
  • Extended warranty periods on the purchase made
  • Flexibility in payment of bills
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How to Use an ATM Safely?

We cannot deny the fact that the ATM has made our lives much more manageable. But if we are not careful in our transactions, this convenience can cause a big blow to our financial resources.

If we are not alert, we might suffer significant losses. In order to prevent this loss we must follow these simple steps:

  1. Use an ATM with which you are familiar with.
  2. Before entering any ATM scan, it’s surrounding. If you see somebody, which looks suspicious avoid using it at all costs.
  3. Check the ATM thoroughly. If you find anything which should not have been on the machine, do not use it. Because it can be some sort of scam.
  4. Keep your card handy. In this way, you can avoid wasting time and catching the attention of others.
  5. When using automobile ATMs do not forget to lock the doors and windows properly to avoid car-jacking.
  6. Use ATMs which are situated in busy areas. Avoid deserted streets as much as you can.
  7. Last and most important do not flaunt your cash. Handle it secretively to avoid trouble.

These simple steps will ensure that you never get conned or robbed while using an ATM, for more details follow finance guides.

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This is the magic of this new age plastic money. Now managing your expenses will never be a problem. For details refer post on expenses management software.

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