Planning Your Career in Human Resources

Planning Your Career in Human Resources

The first question that comes to mind when planning your Career in Human Resources is where you begin. 

To get an answer to this, you need to find out the details of the academic qualifications you need, the professional qualifications that may help and the right place to look for relevant jobs.

Which academic qualifications required for Human Resource department?

There is no specific academic qualification requirement for most vacancies. However, the employers usually opt for candidates with a good standard of education. You have to complete your graduation before you start looking for office jobs in this field.

It may find it helpful if you complete the Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma from the Business and Technology Education Council, or a degree or postgraduate studies in human resource management.

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Which professional qualifications help for Career in Human Resource?

The Certificate in Human Resources Practice from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) may be appropriate for a beginner in this field. It becomes easier to find good jobs in the HR department if you have this basic qualification.

Is it your first job in Human Resources?

If you plan to begin your career in this field, it is better to acquire the CIPD qualifications and then start to look for jobs. This enhances your chance of finding appropriate jobs in the human resource sector.

Are you shifting from another field? If you are shifting to human resources from some other field, it will be better if you have experience in management software and office work. You may shift to a job in the sector and work to acquire the professional qualifications. This will be necessary to progress in the field.

Is on-the-job training available for HR Professional?

Yes. Most organisations provide on-the-job training for individuals in the HR department. You may also benefit by undertaking the Intermediate and Advanced Certificates, Awards and Diplomas from the CIPD. You may specialise in human resource development or human resource management at this level.

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Where to look for Human Resource jobs?

HR vacancies in Norfolk are advertised in the local and national newspapers. You may also find it helpful to register with an online agency specialising in HR jobs. A recruitment agency will be able to find opportunities that match your profile and preferences.

You may enter the field as a personnel administrator and progress towards development and management roles. However, for this, you have to upgrade your professional qualifications and obtain experience.

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