Easy ways of Acquiring Personal Insurance

Easy Ways of Acquiring Personal Insurance

Life insurance, most of you own it or tend to buy it often for your dear ones. Even if you are having a meager source of income you will surely buy a policy for additional funds in emergency. It is the most positive way to think about the financial state of a man, even in his or her absence.

Well, in this article major focus will be on personal insurance, which is an important matter in the present state of economical condition.

Why buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance is looked up as a way to save money. It is looked down as an emergency helper in case of an accident or if any pitfalls occur. Some of the Postal Life insurance offers many products and all of them are available in the market for decades.

You will also get some added benefits that can cover current to future benefits in a more manageable way. For underwriting guidelines, one can say the same. Their guidelines allowing a larger number of people to qualify for cover compared to their historical figures.

What Is Underwriting?

Underwriting, a well known process by which insurer determines medically whether or not cover will be issued to them and if so then under what applicable terms. This makes personal insurance turn more flexible to suit the various needs of customers.

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3 Scenarios Under Which A Person go for Acquiring Personal Insurance?

Three possible scenarios are there, for which people thinks to apply for a personal insurance. What are they?

  1. They can be easily accepted at standard rates
  2. They can be accepted at premium loading or exclusion
  3. Next they can be declined for a cover

Importance of Medical Tests while buying Insurance

The insurer starts deciding whom they will or will not cover after checking out the medical history. The utmost important factor that is taken into account while making the decision is an applicant’s BMI (body mass index). As cancer, heart disease or diabetes is becoming common threats, so these people tend to have a high BMI rate.


Obesity, another huge problem caused due to wrong choice of food and lack of exercise. The disorder is also counted among the factor whether to issue insurance or not.

Good News! Now life insurers have started realizing that a great percentage of world population is overweight. Obesity is the main cause behind widening their BMI parameters. This has made a greater number of people to apply for cover at standard rates or at lower premium loadings.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Level

If you are having a high BMI usually you will be prone to higher blood pressure and cholesterol level. This was a serious issue in the past for insurers. Presently, they are no more in concern as right medication is keeping it under control.

A sudden increase in the number of Life insurance companies and many of them are bent on including carriers that offer no medical exam for life insurance policies.

If you will call any one-call center out of three who are hired by life insurance agencies to contact their customers will tell people that they will offer them with life insurances that needs no medical exam at all.

Many life insurance does not take this risk of issuing insurance without a medical test. However, some do take it, personalizing personal life insurance largely.

Personal Insurance Indeed a Benefit

Now insurers usually allow one relative with a serious illness or assess the situation before applying standard rates to cover up majority applicants.

For some reason you might think that you cannot qualify for the cover. There is no need to panic, since insurers are bent on making their policy flexible, only for you.

Yes, they do have some mandatory clauses for each insurance company and insurers do follow them. However, making out a policy in favor of customers is not so tough now. If the diseases are curable, insurance agencies will offer the affordable policy to suit various situations.

Do Remember:

Once a cover is issued by the insurers, they cannot, amend or cancel it in the future if an applicant’s health deteriorates.

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